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2Checkout Fall 2020 Release Helps Simplify B2Any Digital Commerce

Enhanced end-customer experience through improved automation and optimization for B2B and B2C online sales strategies

ATLANTA, GA - November 10, 2020: 2Checkout (now Verifone), the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses, today announces its Fall 2020 Release, the latest update to the Avangate Monetization Platform, bringing new features and capabilities to further support merchants selling globally by simplifying B2Any digital commerce.

The new updates include capabilities for supporting both B2B and B2C market segments, including automation of sales-assisted operations coupled with eCommerce initiatives; analytics and checkout optimizations for improved conversions and revenue; and more granular localization and reporting.

The 2Checkout 2020 Fall Release features the following highlights:

Automated Sales-Assisted Functionality Coupled with eCommerce

As prospects and customers expect faster and more accurate responses, software and SaaS companies need new approaches for their B2B sales processes. 2Checkout's new Configure Price Quote functionality - the Verifone CPQ - optimizes and automates the quote-to-cash process within the context of digital commerce operations. This new addition to 2Checkout's all-in-one monetization platform ensures a streamlined and seamless experience even for complex B2B sales, by helping to automate quotes and deals, and ensure flexibility of pricing, product configuration and billing schedules.

The new tool enables businesses to offer customers a seamless end-to-end experience, and at the same time shorten sales funnels, have error-free quotes, increase the efficiency of sales reps, as well as improve margins.

Improved Conversions and Revenue through Data Analytics and Checkout Optimizations

This new update includes additional support for key analytics tools, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, for merchants to gain extra insights and finetune their sales funnel.

Further updates include improved merchandizing options for the new ordering engines ConvertPlus and Inline, with extra speed load improvements meant to increase cart conversion rates.

Local Payment Processing in India for Extended Market Reach

With credit and debit cards holding 30% of the Indian eCommerce market, 2Checkout is updating its local processing capabilities for Visa and MasterCard in India to help merchants boost authorization rates within this geography.

New Monetization Options for Subscription Services

Subscription billing functionality has been enhanced through a more granular usage pricing and billing engine, for a variety of pay-per-usage pricing models. This enhancement further supports merchants that have tiered usage pricing models or require overage usage, among the use cases.

Updated Connectors for External Shopping Cart Integrations

For merchants employing 2Checkout's payment processing capabilities through integrations with external eCommerce platforms - such as Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop or WHMCS - new and improved integrations are now available. Merchants are provided access to optimized ordering engines, ConvertPlus, Inline Cart and 2Pay.js, helping them increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Additional Improvements of the 2Checkout 2020 Fall Release include:

  • Channel sales optimization through improved reporting: New setup and monitoring features are available for affiliate sales. Together with enhanced affiliate traffic analytics, these additions improve operations for merchants connected to the award-winning Avangate Affiliate Network. Merchants working with distributor and reseller partner networks benefit from additional visibility at order level as well as into users' activity report.
  • Faster customer self-service support through a streamlined myAccount access flow, allowing quicker access to information and order and subscription management.
  • Optimizations for day-to-day ecommerce management: An optimized navigation experience through improved search functionality and authentication flows within the Control Panel. Improved notifications related to chargebacks and invoicing, and additional flexibility for order management for direct and indirect sales, and VAT deduction options have also been added through this release.
  • The 2Checkout's versatile API 6.0 was updated in terms of ease of setup and available documentation. With an improved cross-sell functionality via API 6.0, merchants can also automate their promotional strategies and improve average order value, all with a simple and fast integration.

"The online channel continues to be a strong option for merchants selling to consumers or businesses regardless of geography. This robust release continues 2Checkout's focus on helping companies adapt to the new global economy, while offering a better end-customer experience through faster scaling and automation as well as new monetization options," said Adriana Iordan, VP Product Management at 2Checkout. "And with our recent acquisition by Verifone, we are excited about future platform developments that will majorly benefit 2Checkout clients as well as the buying experience of their end-customers."

Discover the full suite of updates and new features in 2Checkout's Avangate all-in-one platform by joining the 2Checkout 2020 Fall Release Webinar on November 12 or by accessing the detailed Fall Release article on 2Checkout's Rethink Commerce blog.

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