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Verifone to Host 6th Annual CommerceNow Event, Helping Merchants Elevate the Way They Sell Online

The premier digital commerce event welcomes practitioners and companies looking for actionable online sales strategies

CommerceNow 2022ALPHARETTA, GA - May 26, 2022: Verifone, the fintech leader revolutionizing the way merchants sell and accept payments, is pleased to announce the opening of registration for CommerceNow2022, its yearly global event focused on digital commerce, which will take place virtually June 22-23. Now in its sixth year, CommerceNow is the industry's leading event for eCommerce experts and brings together practitioners and businesses looking to amplify and scale their digital strategies.

The event features 14 hyper-focused online sessions divided across two jam-packed days. Attendees will hear from experts in acquisition, conversion optimization, omnichannel strategies, retention and more and will come away with actionable growth strategies and tactics derived from real-world use cases. Businesses looking to expand internationally, better monetize their install bases, reduce churn or upgrade customer journeys will gain all the insights needed to give their online channels a boost.

This year's speaker line-up includes a curated list of industry leaders hand-picked for their invaluable digital commerce knowledge, as well as their ability to motivate and inspire and drive others to attain the highest levels of customer experience excellence. Fourteen speakers will take the CommerceNow 2022 virtual stage in June. They include Corey Haines, Founder at Swipe Files, Liz Armbruester, Senior VP of Global Compliance at Avalara, Nicolas Vandenberge, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Chili Piper, and Jane Portman, Co-Founder at Userlist. The event will be hosted and moderated by Lorraine Marquis, Head of Digital Sales Americas at Verifone. Attendance is free but requires prior sign-up.

"With the digital commerce landscape becoming more competitive each year, companies continue to look for ways to break through the clutter and upgrade user experiences. Verifone, a partner for merchants in their growth journey, supports online businesses, not only with state-of-the-art payment and monetization capabilities but also with vision and tried-and-tested expertise. Our yearly CommerceNow event is a great opportunity for online businesses to hear from and engage with industry leaders in the digital commerce space and to uncover new and valuable ways of selling online," said Lorraine Marquis, Head of Digital Sales, Americas, at Verifone.

Save your seat for CommerceNow 2022 today by visiting the event page, where you'll also find details about the speakers and the full agenda. Registrants will receive free access to the live event, as well as on-demand access to all the session recordings.

Interested businesses may also register as event partners for CommerceNow 2022.

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