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What is Cart Optimization?

cart optimiz - ation
Is an eCommerce critical process to optimize the shopping cart for design and usability, in order to prevent cart abandonment and increase shopping cart conversion rates.
How to Optimize Your Shopping Cart?

To deliver a seamless customer experience, the shopping cart should become an extension of your website, product, or app – with consistent branding, design, and layout throughout the purchase flow, all of which are crucial in building trust. Shorten the checkout form by only requiring essential billing and/or delivery details. Extensive forms can discourage shoppers from completing a purchase. Marketing surveys or other information not required for placing the order should be moved to post-sale pages. Make the shopping cart as friendly as possible for your shoppers by localizing the cart – including language currency, price display, sales taxation, format, and colors – and by allowing them to select their own interface language or preferred currency to eliminate confusion. Allow for B2B and B2C differences: display the total cost of the transaction relevant for each purchase category and include additional options such as invoice request where needed.

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